Posted on : September 10, 2019

Dub Pendant Collection by Michael Young for EOQ

The Dub pendant collection represents a natural evolution of the aluminium extrusion lighting series that Michael Young has designed for EOQ in the last few years. Starting with the same raw extrusion he has sculpted much softer forms by removing a lot more aluminium material. This allowed Michael to encase the resultant space in beautifully hand blown glass from the Czech Republic.

Dub delivers a softer and more sophisticated lighting range, by tempering the industrial engineering with the artisanal glass shades.

The collection comprises of 3 sizes of pendant and each pendant is available in 3 standard anodised colours (Pale Gold, Grey and Copper) whilst the shades are available in 3 colours (Smoke, Green and Amber) – the pendant and shade can be mixed and matched as per the customer’s desire.

Large pendant measures: 277mm diameter and 308mm tall
Medium pendant measures 277mm diameter and 152mm tall
Small pendant measures 110mm diameter and 177mm tall