Posted on : August 26, 2019

Industrial process

In 1797, Joseph Bramah patented the !rst extrusion process for making lead pipe. It involved preheating the metal and then forcing it through a die via a hand driven plunger.

“I noted a division of the factory dedicated to the production of mechanisms for distributing heat on car parts and electronics. The re!ned details that could be made by extruding a multitude of !ns made sense immediately and the Bramah light was created. Each light shade has well over a 100 extruded !ns delicately drawn out which create a beautifully e#ective and unique way to distribute shards of light within the shade, creating an incredible ambiant glow. Each of the three shades in the collection has been shaped uniquely to create a holistic
productic range referencing both Classic and Asian sihouettes. We’ve also used di#erent !nish options to re$ect di#erent levels of light according to personal taste.”

– Michael Young