Posted on : October 12, 2017

It’s all about ‘Gold Pendant Lights’ – think twice about the value you put in the latest trend report

Reading an article recently that suggested ‘Metallics’ within the category of Designer pendant lights as a current trend, especially Gold pendant lights, it made me think about the last time I’d read this. – approximately 8 months earlier in the same publication!
Within the lighting industry of all product types, contemporary pendant lights, wall lights, floor lamps etc. if one looks back at the last 100 years metallics will always be there. Of course much of this is a result of the materials used to make these products, brass being an obvious example. This has not only lead to a consistent presence of metallic tones and gold pendant lights but has created an association that ensures this look will never be just a ‘fashion’ within the designer pendant light market.
When the product function is to reflect light, to create an ambience and to enhance a space, then metallics will always be in demand and be integral to the product mix. It is lazy to highlight this material and finish as a trend within the area of designer pendant lights.
This is not to say that you won’t find a brand showcasing a new shade of ‘rose gold’ one season and that this won’t capture the imagination of designers and the interior press. Clearly within the metallics colour palette there is plenty of room for shifts in tone, for a more orange copper to be in vogue one year and a paler copper a few years later. In essence, there will of course be variants in tone but there will always be Gold pendant lights, Copper pendant lights etc within the contemporary pendant light sector.
I guess I’m fully aware that many of the features that the media run on colour trends and materials are based mainly on the availability of samples for shooting on the month of that issue! It’s always important to remember this and think about the longer curve when considering so-called trends within the lighting industry.