Posted on : November 27, 2017

Unique, Modern and contemporary designed furniture for cafes and restaurants

EOQ has become known through its use of Michael Young as a designer and the selection of material for modern furniture design, contemporary furniture design. What maybe isn’t so clear is our ability to customise and create bespoke product for individual projects and installations. We have worked on numerous projects in the last few years for which we have created unique modern furniture and lighting for clients across the globe.
We are able to do this due to our proximity to the manufacturing facilities, our relationship with the factory’s but mostly due to our years of design and product development experience meaning that we understand the processes enough to know what is achievable or practical to deliver without large development costs or minimum orders.

There are 3 main ways that we can deliver unique modern furniture and lighting for a client:


Due to our selection of the core materials we work with we are relatively easily able to offer a client a bespoke colour or finish option. Natural materials such as Wood or Marble are simple to stain or source a specific colour. The aluminium that we use is suitable for the anodising process, which involves various baths of alkaline and acid which essentially etch the colour deep into the metal. This process allows us to match almost any colour for a client – especially useful if working with a recognisable brand.

contemporary designed furniture


Our proximity and relationships with the factories is a key factor in making it possible for us to take the existing products, or elements of them, and make relatively small and cost effective changes that deliver a quite different product for a client. This is often most useful in a project where a client loves an existing design but we need to scale it up or change it slightly for it to fit their installation.

New products

It’s particularly using material such as hand-blown glass and natural crafted materials such as wood that allows us to design and develop a product from scratch for a project where needed. There will often be that odd corner or that central large table for instance in a restaurant where something special or completely bespoke is needed. This is where our access to such a diverse an internationally respected design studio like MYS is so invaluable. Time and again this combination of designer and manufacturer and process has allowed us to deliver a bespoke solution.